Creative non-fiction

Sentenced to Discrimination: Language as a Weapon of State, Griffith Review 61: Who We Are, 2018

The Edge of Silence, Meniscus, Vol. 6, Issue 1, 2018

‘3656 days’, Dubnium 2, 2015

Literary Cities: Prague, on Writers’ Bloc, November 2014


Peer-reviewed journal articles/ book chapters 

2018 [forthcoming]  ‘The evolution of genre in the writing process’. CINDER 1(1).

2017     ‘Rethinking genre: Genre as a tool for writers throughout the writing process’.  Writing in Practice, 3. Online. []

2017     ‘Self-learning a Foreign Language through Literature: A Case-study of a Self-learner’s Socialisation into Czech through Czech Literature’, in Mickan, P. & Lopez, E (eds). Text-Based Research and Teaching: A Social Semiotic Perspective of Language in Use, London: Palgrave Macmillan.


Conference presentations 

June 2018  Sociolinguistics Symposium 22. Paper title: ‘English as a marker of being Australian’. (Auckland)  

February 2018  Association for the Study of Australian Literature mini conference, ‘Desert Lines: Interventions in the Borderlands of Australian Literature’. Paper title: ‘Translating ourselves to ourselves: Cultivating multilingual Australian literature’ (Darwin)  

November 2017 Australasian Association of Writing Programs 22nd Annual Conference, ‘Climates of Change’. Paper title: ‘Using genre to communicate purpose’ (Adelaide)  

November  2016 Australasian Association of Writing Programs 21st Annual Conference, ‘Authorised Theft’. Paper title: ‘Writing in Changing Social Contexts: Creating the Genre of Language Journalism’.  (Canberra)  

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