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sprint-mazing cover

Sprint-mazing, 2015, BigWorldNetwork.com

Sprint-mazing is the world’s most popular sport. Two opponents race to be the first to navigate a maze, while completing obstacles for the winning points. Fourteen-year old Madison Harper is obsessed with sprint-mazing, and when she gets the opportunity to attend specialty school Norburry Hills Academy, she’s determined it will be her ticket to the pro circuit. But when nothing goes right at the school, Madison’s determination and self-belief wavers as she questions her abilities and her future.

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Sleepwalking(thumbnail)Sleepwalking, 2013, BigWorldNetwork.com

Kyla’s father is the most well-known man in the world for his contributions to the creation of a drug that makes it no longer necessary for people to sleep. But what happens if the drug wasn’t properly trialed beforehand? What happens if the drug starts to run out after nearly two decades of mass use? When people start going under and not waking up, and those who do come out of sleep can’t tell whether or not they’re still dreaming, Kyla must face more than just an unknown reality. 

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5coverebookWhat in the World? , 2010

illustrated by Adil Soh-Lim

Go on an adventure around the world with this ABC book written in rhyming couplets about countries in the world and the animals who live there.

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