Borderlands Project (2018- current)

The Borderlands Project is a collaboration between three Northern Territory writers and researchers: Glenn Morrison, Adelle Sefton-Rowston and Raelke Grimmer. The project proposes a much-needed literary journal of the Northern Territory in three phases.

Phase 1- in progress, and funded by an ArtsNT grant and Charles Darwin University grant, is to undertake a feasibility study for the journal.

Phase 2- scheduled to begin in January 2019, establishes a framework for a working journal through creating a pilot digital and print edition of the journal.

Phase 3 is set for 2020, the first year of a complete publication schedule for a sustainable Northern Territory Literary journal.

Literary journals are an important component of Australia’s literary culture and help to foster a range of voices. However, the Northern Territory has no such platform, and its lack is a significant shortfall in the artistic lives of Territorians who must compete in a national and international market. But repeatedly journals fail and fold, or come back time and again governments for further funding to sustain their publication. It is imperative that a sustainable funding model be sought and devised if the important practice of providing a platform for Territory writers is to occur.

PhD (Creative Writing) (2015-current)

A creative thesis divided into an exegetical and creative component. The exegetical component investigates the role of genre in the creative writing process, and the creative component is a work of creative non-fiction exploring Australia’s monolingualism and multiculturalism.

Masters Dissertation (2013)

A study into the application of text-based language learning in the self-learner and in using literature texts as the resource for a beginner learner learning the Czech language. A chapter based on her dissertation was published in 2017 in Text-Based Research and Teaching: A Social Semiotic Perspective on Language in Use.